Eating {Lick}

I suppose Seattle is now Mother Nature’s favorite child…look at the beautiful weather we’ve been spoiled with! I’m not complaining though, sunshine has the power of making Seattleites happier! It also has the power of making Seattleites crazily want ice cream. There’s just no way to resist this influence (that and we don’t bother to). We dropped by Lick Pure Creamery in Capital Hill to satisfy our craving.
At Lick, you won’t find any of the standard flavors. The menu is full of wacky what-in-the-world ice cream flavors…M2, Se7en, Havoc, RNR. Uh come again? And even when you ask the server to describe the flavor/ingredient, she simply hands you a sample and lets you figure it out yourself. We utterly failed, but it was fun looking into each other’s confused eyes! As born dare devils (NOT), we ordered the three most ambiguous flavors: Se7en, RNR, M2. The Se7en is a creamy vanilla ice cream with bits of brownies. You can never go wrong with that! The RNR is a fruity, berry ice cream. The M2 is a caramel-y, creamy, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS HEAVENLY GOODNESS ice cream. I ordered the RNR but after tasting the M2, I almost ran away with it. No joke. If you like creamy and dense ice cream, you will love the M2!
Lick shares the space with a pizza parlor. Unfortunately, there are no seating inside (except one bench that fits 3 people) but who needs to sit when their ice cream makes you jump for joy?
And Lick knows exactly what their ice cream is capable of! Look at their catchphrase: Pure Creamery, a dream in your mouth. Nailed it. I couldn’t have described it any better.

[Lick Pure Creamery] 1424 E Pine St Seattle, WA 98122

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}


Eating {Fresh Bistro}

PART 2 of Dine Around Seattle!! With so many restaurants on the list, it only makes sense to go more than once. Unfortunately, twice is the maximum my thinning wallet allows me to go for. On the other hand, my cousin’s birthday is an excuse to go a second time, woohoo! To celebrate her birthday, we went to Fresh Bistro in West Seattle. Fresh Bistro specializes in local everything…from local food to local producers to local people. In fact, the restaurant itself invokes an easy going neighborhood feel.
Fresh Bistro offers what I like to call “contemporary American” food. It is not quite American food (think Olive Garden) nor is it fusion food. Contemporary American is lighter in both portions and taste and is influence by diverse cuisines. Many Seattle restaurants nowadays seem to have taken this path which I gladly welcome! Sure, there are days when you’re craving creamy alfredo pasta. But Fresh Bistro is fantastic for those days when you crave for simple cooking.
Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi Sliders- here’s an example of a dish influenced by other cultures! In this case, these sliders are a combination of the American sliders we’re familiar with and the Vietnamese sandwich. A fresh creation and very tasty as well!
Ahi Poke Tostada
House Rubbed Sirloin with rosemary scented mash potato and braised Winter greens.
Hawaiian Sundae- birthday dessert for the birthday woman! (Because girl becomes inaccurate once you’ve pass a certain age…)
Herban “S’mores” Parfait- this was INCREDIBLE! Caution: dense, creamy, caramel-y, marshmellow-y…please resist the urge to down it like a shot. Seriously.

[Fresh Bistro] 4725 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}

Eating {Tango}

Hello friends, we’re finally back! The past few months have been amazing in terms of dining in Seattle. With Dine Around Seattle in March and Seattle Restaurant Week in April, I’ve been running all over Seattle to try new restaurants! For Dine Around Seattle, I went to Tango Restaurant in Capital Hill for some delicious Spanish cuisine. The one and only time I had Spanish cuisine was at an acquaintance’s home where she made seafood paella, a Valencian rice dish. And boy oh boy, I was blown away. It was a pot luck party but I was fixated only on the paella which was luckily placed right in front of me!
For those of you who are new to this, Dine Around Seattle is a promotion where a list of restaurants offer 3-course dinner for $28 (and some offer 3-course lunch for $15). This is a great opportunity to venture to new restaurants around the area! Or for us poor college students, to try restaurants where we usually can’t afford to go to…
For starter, I had the Queso Azul which is the blue cheese soufflé with berry compota. The soufflé was fluffy and the blue cheese was not overwhelming.
And for main course, the grilled rack of lambs with herb roasted potatoes. The portion was rather small, but when you’re scrounging off other people’s dishes, the portion is just right hehe
Grilled beef tenderloin with crispy onions and Yukon Gold potatoes
Moqueca de Peixe (with scallops, mussels, prawns, calamari, tilapia, chilies, farofa, coconut broth, dende oil, rice) If you’re looking for original authentic Spanish food, I recommend ordering this dish. As opposed to lamb racks and beef tenderloin, the Monqueca de Peixe is not something you can order in other restaurants. Seize the opportunity!
My favorite part of every meal- DESSERTS! I had the Citrus Tres Leches which is a milk drenched sponge cake. How could you possibly go wrong with that?!
For the major sweet tooth grown-up, the El Diablo is a bittersweet cube of rich dark chocolate with tequila caramel sauce.

If you like a good deal and good food (who doesn’t?!), look out for Dine Around Seattle this coming Fall!

[Tango] 1100 Pike St. Seattle 98101

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}