Eating {Brenda’s French Soul Food}

Our friend was adamant in going to  Brenda’s French Soul Food in San Francisco.  Apparently, it’s a popular place for San Franciscans which yields an average of one to two hours wait! We arrived early only to see that there’s already a crowd waiting outside the restaurant! And so we waited in the cold rain for an hour or so. By the time we got seated, we were all hungry and ready to grub!
The beignets are known to be amazing, so we ordered The Beignet Flight which consist of all four flavors: plain, chocolate, crawfish, and Granny Smith apple. Beignets are basically doughnuts with filling, but better! They do get quite filling, especially with the additional dishes we ordered. Shouldn’t have let our hungry minds take over the orders…
Our friend ordered the Grillades & Grits and as you can see, the portions are quite hefty! I guess the spirit of soul food comes from the fact that you’ll feel warm, happy, and very very full after eating it.
I loved the large wall covered with miscellaneous mirrors! It does a great job of bouncing the natural light throughout the restaurant and it makes the space look bigger than it really is.
Even though the wait was long and the staff weren’t particularly friendly, we really enjoyed the food! We’re glad our friend recommended it to us!

[Brenda’s French Soul Food] 652 Polk St San Francisco, CA 94102

{Photos taken with: Canon T1i+Canon 35mm f/1.4}


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