Eating {Dahlia Bakery}

IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!!! Midterms have taken a toll on us and we’re just so glad the week is over. To celebrate this much-anticipated Friday, we decided to drop by Dahlia Bakery in Downtown Seattle for a treat. Dahlia Bakery is one of Chef Tom Douglas’ eateries and it offers all sorts of baking goods. Great place for a little brunch with friends!
Winter in Seattle is usually wet, windy and cold, but the sun decided to share its warmth today! Dahlia’s Bakery doesn’t have indoor seating so we’re grateful the weather permitted us to sit outside.
Dahlia Bakery is known for their coconut cream pie. We ordered the adorable coconut cream pie bite and the chocolate tart. The sweetness of the coconut cream pie is just right. The chocolate mousse on the tart is smooth and creamy and the tart itself is buttery sweet.
We also ordered a bag of mini doughnuts which came with cranberry sauce and vanilla sauce. Our favorite was the vanilla sauce. The doughnuts cost $1 each which is a tad bit expensive but totally worth it! The doughnuts are made fresh so eat them while they’re warm and soft! These make for a satisfying quick treat when your sweet-tooth kicks in. It is a must-try from Dahlia Bakery!

[Dahlia Bakery] 2001 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98121

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}


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