Eating {Portage Bay}

As The Breakfast League, how can we not dedicate a post to the most important meal of the day? BREAKFAST! A good breakfast can really jump start the entire day. Now, neither of us are early birds. In fact, this breakfast date was rescheduled TWICE because we simply couldn’t wake up at 7 in the morning. However, third time’s the charm and we successfully dragged ourselves out of bed and to Portage Bay!
We ordered the Classic Portage Bay Pancakes and the Oven-Baked French Toasts. Both dishes came plain which means it’s ready for the star of the restaurant: the Toppings Bar!! The toppings bar contains large bowls of fruits, butter, nuts, and organic maple syrup. You bring your order of pancake or french toast to the bar and pile it up! Of course, get only as much as you can eat!
The pancakes were good but I like mines fluffier. Fluffy like a cloud…not that I’ve ever eaten clouds (unfortunately). The french toasts were fantastic! Since they’re oven-baked, the texture is more dense than regular french toast but they’re still delicious! So delicious that I find myself craving for some as I type this…
Beware! The portions are hefty! And it’s not because we have small stomachs because we don’t…we were carrying our stomach out the restaurant and into our lecture halls. Bad idea. I dozed off within 5 minutes of lecture.
Portage Bay gets busy over the weekends, but we went on a Wednesday morning and were seated immediately. Squint your eyes…see the large bowls in the middle of the picture?? Those are the toppings you get to pile up on!
Natural light is a photographer’s best friend. That’s why I absolutely love the large and numerous windows in Portage Bay. They make for effortlessly raw photographs. Take advantage of this and take out your phone to snap some pics!
Breakfast is one of the main reason I wish I were an early bird. Pancakes and french toast drenched in maple syrup, eggs, sausage, omelette…how can you not love breakfast food?! Although waking up in the morning is a drag, breakfast is completely worth it. It allows an extra meal in the day, more time to get things done, and more time to spend with people you love! So set you alarm clock tonight and look forward to enjoy a satisfying breakfast in the morning!

[Portage Bay] 4130 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle 98105

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}


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