Eating {Le Fournil}

Happy Friday! It is the most anticipated day of the week again. I just love Fridays, not only because the weekend is coming up but because we’ve started a routine of Dessert Friday! After classes on Friday, we gather a few girlfriends and venture to a dessert place to satisfy our sweet tooth. This week, our friend picked Le Fournil , a cozy little cafe on Eastlake Ave. We ordered a lemon tart, passion fruit tart, strawberry pistachio tart, and a chocolate croissant!
Dessert Friday is a great way for us to catch up with each other’s busy lives and to unwind after each week. Spending time with our friends just seems to flush away the week’s stress. We leave all the concerns for later and simply enjoy each other’s presence.
The cafe is quiet and cozy, though the design is too dated for my taste. We noted the sperm-like lights and had a good laugh about it.
Apparently, the baking goods are half off an hour before closing! The original prices aren’t unreasonable, but for those of us who loves a good deal, head over to Le Fournil an hour before it closes! If you’re lucky, you’ll snag a chocolate croissant for a dollar! Next door to the cafe is a cute little flower shop. Nothing like sweets and colorful flowers to brighten up Seattle’s gloomy weather!

[Le Fournil] 3230 Eastlake Ave E Seattle WA 98102

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}


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