Eating {World Pizza}

Pizza in the heart of Chinatown?? Surprise surprise! We recently discovered this tiny pizza parlor squished in between two Asian restaurants…or should I say, absolutely surrounded by Asian restaurants? World Pizza sells thin crusted vegetarian pizza. It’s like finding an undiscovered gem, because let’s be serious, who in their right mind would go to Chinatown for pizza?!
I love cheese. I love tomatoes. It’s only reasonable that I love pizza, right? The aroma of freshly baked pizza envelopes you when you enter the store and once inside, there’s a display of the pizza choices to choose from. That’s it. There’s no turning back to exit the store. We ordered two slices of pizza, having no idea what the flavor is. They don’t have signs to indicate the flavors so we just ordered whatever looks good (which is basically everything). Either I’ve been unknowingly craving pizza for awhile or World Pizza is really THAT good. It’s one of the best pizza I’ve had! The thickness of the pie is perfect, the amount of cheese and sauce were perfect, the ingredients complemented one another…just. plain. YUM. The prices are extremely affordable as well. Only $4 for two slices of pizza!
What’s more, the staffs were genuinely friendly which (unfortunately) can be rare in Chinatown. What’s more more, they sell cookies! We didn’t try one, but they look good!
Apparently, the old and torn-up couch on the side that I merely glanced at is from the original lobby of the Seattle Space Needle. Way to ignore totally awesome vintage things…
World Pizza is a sweet and cozy surprise in Chinatown. The fact that it’s vegetarian lessens my guilt of devouring slices after slices. Looks like I have found my new go-to pizza fix!

[World Pizza] 672 S King St Seattle WA 98104

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}


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