Sipping {Empire Espresso}

Oh boy, we’ve been neglecting The Breakfast League for too long! With exams piling up one after another, it’s difficult to find time to relax. However, even when studying for exams, we like to pair it up with a lil-something. For this study session, we dropped by Empire Espresso in Columbia City. Empire is one of our favorite places to study. Excuse my excessive use of “cozy” to describe spaces, but there’s no better word to describe Empire…it is so COZY! The narrow space, the small wooden tables, the red walls, and the soft dim lights create a comforting and quiet space…perfect for an individual study session. Pair it with a hot cup of coffee and you’ll feel completely at home.
Neither of us are coffee drinkers, but the menu is considerate of that. We ordered Hot Chocolate and Chai Tea to accompany us through the night study session. Every time I visit Empire, I order the Hot Chocolate. It’s perfectly chocolately- not too sweet and not too bland- and it’s smooth down the throat. Hot Chocolate is the essential drink to get me through those cold and wet Winter days, so I’ve tried countless hot chocolate across town. With that, I must say that Empire makes one of the best hot chocolate! I get slightly disheartened when my hot chocolate is either as sweet and dense as chocolate bars or when it is as bland as chocolate powder and water. Drama-queen-moment aside, I highly recommend Empire’s Hot Chocolate!
See what I mean when I say Empire is COZY?! The baristas are nice and friendly. The tables are tiny, it practically fits one laptop and one drink but there is one larger table that seats four. When the weather is nice, the garage door opens for extended outdoor seating!
In addition, Empire serves delicious waffles and panini sandwiches!

[Empire Espresso] 3823 S Edmunds St Seattle, WA 98118

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}


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