Eating {Fresh Bistro}

PART 2 of Dine Around Seattle!! With so many restaurants on the list, it only makes sense to go more than once. Unfortunately, twice is the maximum my thinning wallet allows me to go for. On the other hand, my cousin’s birthday is an excuse to go a second time, woohoo! To celebrate her birthday, we went to Fresh Bistro in West Seattle. Fresh Bistro specializes in local everything…from local food to local producers to local people. In fact, the restaurant itself invokes an easy going neighborhood feel.
Fresh Bistro offers what I like to call “contemporary American” food. It is not quite American food (think Olive Garden) nor is it fusion food. Contemporary American is lighter in both portions and taste and is influence by diverse cuisines. Many Seattle restaurants nowadays seem to have taken this path which I gladly welcome! Sure, there are days when you’re craving creamy alfredo pasta. But Fresh Bistro is fantastic for those days when you crave for simple cooking.
Braised Pork Belly Banh Mi Sliders- here’s an example of a dish influenced by other cultures! In this case, these sliders are a combination of the American sliders we’re familiar with and the Vietnamese sandwich. A fresh creation and very tasty as well!
Ahi Poke Tostada
House Rubbed Sirloin with rosemary scented mash potato and braised Winter greens.
Hawaiian Sundae- birthday dessert for the birthday woman! (Because girl becomes inaccurate once you’ve pass a certain age…)
Herban “S’mores” Parfait- this was INCREDIBLE! Caution: dense, creamy, caramel-y, marshmellow-y…please resist the urge to down it like a shot. Seriously.

[Fresh Bistro] 4725 42nd Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}


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