Eating {Lick}

I suppose Seattle is now Mother Nature’s favorite child…look at the beautiful weather we’ve been spoiled with! I’m not complaining though, sunshine has the power of making Seattleites happier! It also has the power of making Seattleites crazily want ice cream. There’s just no way to resist this influence (that and we don’t bother to). We dropped by Lick Pure Creamery in Capital Hill to satisfy our craving.
At Lick, you won’t find any of the standard flavors. The menu is full of wacky what-in-the-world ice cream flavors…M2, Se7en, Havoc, RNR. Uh come again? And even when you ask the server to describe the flavor/ingredient, she simply hands you a sample and lets you figure it out yourself. We utterly failed, but it was fun looking into each other’s confused eyes! As born dare devils (NOT), we ordered the three most ambiguous flavors: Se7en, RNR, M2. The Se7en is a creamy vanilla ice cream with bits of brownies. You can never go wrong with that! The RNR is a fruity, berry ice cream. The M2 is a caramel-y, creamy, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS HEAVENLY GOODNESS ice cream. I ordered the RNR but after tasting the M2, I almost ran away with it. No joke. If you like creamy and dense ice cream, you will love the M2!
Lick shares the space with a pizza parlor. Unfortunately, there are no seating inside (except one bench that fits 3 people) but who needs to sit when their ice cream makes you jump for joy?
And Lick knows exactly what their ice cream is capable of! Look at their catchphrase: Pure Creamery, a dream in your mouth. Nailed it. I couldn’t have described it any better.

[Lick Pure Creamery] 1424 E Pine St Seattle, WA 98122

{Photos taken with: iPhone 4s}


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